HPE Discover Virtual Event

When the world pivoted to a digital-only event, HPE was in the enviable position of building on existing infrastructure. After all, Red Thread had been part of HPE’s Discover event for over 8 years, developing programming that was content-heavy, focused on delivering an outside-in perspective through the inclusion of independent journalists/hosts, analysts, and customers.

Red Thread along with internal marketing executives, created a four-hour broadcast block each day of the main event, choreographing the programming so that it complemented company announcements and leadership keynote presentations. The 2020 and 2021 Discover Virtual Events and Global Partner Summits were massive undertakings for the agencies involved and Red Thread worked seamlessly to create 25+ original segments and stream live to 3 time zones over 4 days. Technical engineering, switching, remote recording, graphic design, and complete post-production were all part of Red Thread’s remit.

In the end, HPE quadrupled the number of attendees of the physical event and are seeing an increase in pipeline acceleration. The Red Thread team topped out at 45 members stationed in studios in London, New York, and Los Angeles.

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