THE RED THREAD STUDIO is a space where ideas take shape, and where storytelling and technology coalesce in impactful imagery and stirring sound. We begin structuring post production plans at the start of creative in order to overcome any complex editorial challenges cost effectively. We post on Park Avenue, around the world, and in the cloud with the best in the business.


EDITING builds the house where the story sits. Whether cutting promos, indie films, branded or broadcast content, our network of master editors assemble each story within the frame that best suits the most impactful narrative. We are driven by story, and use cutting-edge tools to see your story through to broadcast, distribute or promote.


SOUND ensnares the senses. Our composers and sound designers build soundscapes and craft music to enhance the story and reflect the emotions that carry them. The right audio brings out the best in image, providing a sense of place that subtly draws the viewer closer. Whether we craft the sounds and score or pull from our collections, we’ll make sure the right sounds give your story the depth it needs.

Remote Post

REMOTE POST breaks down barriers. We are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our engineers have built production and post networks to connect studios, sets, workstations and homes via fiber, satellites and the cloud. Distance doesn’t factor into keeping teams working together in realtime, whether spotting sound across the country, facilitating interviews with subjects on different continents or cutting content around on consoles in the cloud using current AES security encryption protocols.